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The songs from Contending and Contention were written between the years 2017 - 2019, during one of the most challenging and defining periods of my life. These songs became a battleground for me to understand my character, face my flaws, embrace my quirks, and restart the process of what love means to me.

When I decided that my 2019 New Years resolution would be to turn these songs into an album, I had no idea that the struggle in these songs would continue to play out over the next 4 years of their making.

As you delve into the worlds of each of these songs and the entire project, I hope you get to feel the heart behind each one, and that the story of my struggle helps you to overcome yours.   

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1. INTRO: CONTENDING & CONTENTION // Sheet Music // Song Story

2. IN THE MIDDLE // Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

3. AVAILABLE // Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

4. FROM HERE // Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

5. PENDULUM // Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

6. LOVE IS LOW // Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

7. TURNING TIME // Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

8. HEAVEN MINDED // Song Story

Lyrics & Chords // Song Story

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