1. Keep My Fire Burning

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

I tend to bookmark special occasions and seasons with songs that have impacted me within that time period. This often happens at birthdays, or at the turning of a new year. However, there are certain songs that spill outside of my neatly placed formalities. “Keep My Fire Burning” is one of those songs.

“Keep My Fire Burning” is a song by the Mancunian band Rivers & Robots, from their 2014 album All Things New. I discovered the album early last year, yet this particular song for me represents my current season. The stillness of the lyrics and the music represent to me a sense of grounding and focus, which, being the self-proclaimed busy-bee that I am, is something that I desperately need. This is perhaps one of the reasons that I decided to start the Songs from Home journey with this piece. There is also the question of why I would begin with someone else’s music and not my own. My own music will have its time. However, sharing and embodying other people’s stories is something that I love just as much as sharing my own. The ‘who’ is not the most important thing for me in this series; rather, it’s the ‘what’.

My recording of “Keep My Fire Burning” has been months in the making, starting from the moment I decided I was ‘actually going to do this thing’, and purchased my own iPro duo and condenser microphone, to all the technical hiccups and bumps that I had following that decisive moment, mainly due to the fact that I have never done something like this in my life. I have amassed a healthy amount of cables. Most of which I do not need. In the end, the rough edges of this recording are something that grate against my perfectionism, but also fit with the journey very perfectly.

Finally, I cannot finish a blog about a Rivers and Robots song without highlighting that I am a huge R&R fan, and they have been a big musical influence of mine over the past couple of years. The simplicity of the song was a core aspect that I felt should not be touched, and so I favoured held chords and sparse textures (albeit easy when I have just my keyboard and voice!). In my process of song arranging, I purposely do not listen to the subject for weeks, in an attempt to pursue my own arrangement in the most organic way possible. This means a wrong lyric can creep in every so often, which is has on this recording (apologies R&R guys). I still hope that the spirit of the song has been captured, and that you all enjoy the very beginning to the start of my Songs from Home journey.

Keep My Fire Burning - Rivers and Robots Original

Keep My Fire Burning - Songs From Home Cover


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