3. Conclusion

Conclusion EP was definitely an experiment. I had a songwriting comfort zone that I was trying to break out of, so I decided that I wanted to explore, both in my writing and my sound.

The EP is actually a case study on relationships. Spiritual, familial, romantic, good, bad, and painful. Some of the things I was writing about I had not yet experienced. But to see beyond my own emotions and circumstances was all apart of the challenge.


An introduction to the struggle of trying to build a relationship

Always Known:

A love song about the powerful connection between mother and child

Glass House:

Calling out to God from a dark place


Having a conversation with a loved one who’s no longer around

My Heart Grows Cold:

A reflection on the release after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship

Since that time, I have grown such a greater understanding of my sound and voice. But no matter where my music grows, I will always think fondly of 'Conclusion EP' as my musical step of faith.

Conclusion -

2015 Original


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